FIA and MSUK Compliant Seat Rails
FIA and MSUK Compliant Seat Rails
Description :
Following an update in the 2020 edition to the Motorsport UK’s blue book seat rails compliant with FIA APPENDIX J ARTICLE 253/A16.2 and MSUK K2.2.2/DRAWING K64 are now mandatory.

MSUK has offered a grace period in the introduction of these rails but all competitors are encouraged to switch at the earliest opportunity.

These Lifeline allow competitors to quickly become compliant with the latest requirements. The rails are supplied in 597mm lengths, in addition laser cut end plates are supplied with nuts already welded in place. High tensile 10.9 grade Captive head M8 bolts ensure a safe, strong and MSUK/FIA compliant fitment.

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x 597mm rails – CR4 Steel
  • 4 x Weld in bosses – EN3b steel, M8 threads
  • 4 x Mounting plates – CR4 Steel, 45mm x 90mm x 3mm
  • 4 x Chassis Mount plates – CR4 steel, 110mm x 65mm x 2mm, M8 Nuts
  • 8 x Zinc coated 10.9 grade bolts - M8 with spring washers

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