Castrol Syntrax LSD 75w / 140
Castrol Syntrax LSD 75w / 140
Description : Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W-140* is a full synthetic hypoid gear oil formulated for use in both conventional and limited slip differentials.
It has demonstrated outstanding performance in competition vehicles employing limited slip differentials.
It is approved for use in the high performance BMW-M Series and Mercedes Benz AMG limited slip differentials.

  • Reduces noise and vibrations in the axle.
  • Excellent shear stability maintaining performance over the life of the lubricant.
  • Exceptional stability at high temperatures extending the life of lubricant and axle.
  • Effective wear resistance ensures protection under high loads and prevents damage to components.
  • Very good low temperature fluidity properties increases protection at start up.

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