CP2623-93 AP Master Cylinder 20.6mm (.812") (13/16") bore
CP2623-93 AP Master Cylinder 20.6mm (.812") (13/16") bore
Description : A lightweight compact forged bodied master cylinder suitable for all brake and clutch applications especially where space is restricted.

  • Forged Aluminium Alloy Body.
  • Short travel to cut-off.
  • Non Captive Cylinders available.
  • Hydraulic threads are imperial.

  • The technical specs:
  • Weight: 0.31Kg (0.7lbs)
  • Full Stroke: 25.4mm (1.00")
  • Travel To Cut-Off: 0.68 to 1.09mm (0.27 to 0.43")
  • Inlet Hydraulic Thread: 7/16" x 20UNF
  • Outlet Hydraulic Thread: 3/8" x 24UNF
  • Push Rod Thread: 5/16" UNF
  • Push Rod Length from Mounting Flange: 115mm (4.53") (Other Pushrod Lengths available)

  • For installation drawing click here*

    Please note: due to a redesign of the piston within this master cylinder, there are two applicable seal kits for this master cylinder.

    Some master cylinders are marked 13/16"
    Some master cylinders are marked 0.812"

    If your cylinder is marked 0.812" you require a repair kit with a piston

    If you cylinder is marked 13/16" you can use a repair kit without a piston

    If in doubt we would advise ordering a kit with a piston.

    *please note these drawings are for guidance only, download the latest issue installation drawing from
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