Varley Battery Charger 2.7amp 12volt
Varley Battery Charger 2.7amp 12volt
Includes : UK plug and lead
Description : Our 12V Racing Battery Chargers have been developed alongside the Varley Red Top range of motorsport batteries. These chargers are equally suitable for charging other 12V sealed lead acid AGM batteries with capacities up to 60Ah. The 2.7A is a plug-top charger (the plug pins being moulded into the charger casing). This charger can safely be left charging Varley Red Top batteries without fear of battery damage.
This charger must NOT be used with the Varley Lithium range of batteries

The technical specs:
  • Input Voltage:190/264VAC
  • 3-stage Charging
  • Dimensions (mm) without plug pins
  • LxWxD: 100x51x63
  • Weight: 0.25kg

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