Vbox Video HD2
Vbox Video HD2
Description :Vbox Video HD2 is Racelogic's most sophisticated race car video data logger yet, VBOX Video HD2 features 1080p 60fps video, real-time synchronised video/data with graphical overlay, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

The internal 10 Hz GPS engine recognises the race track you are driving and automatically configures the track map and lap timing. Automatic recording, a pre-record buffer and internal power backup ensure that you capture absolutely all of the race action.

The Standard Vbox Video HD2 package includes:

HD2 Video and Data logger
HD Camera
Magnetic GPS antenna
In-car power supply cable - to connect to 12 V aux supply/ cigar lighter
32 GB SD card containing software and user guide
Windscreen suction mount
1 / 2
Camear Clamp
1 / 2

Video VBOX Lite is a one box solution, incorporating a solid state video recorder, a 10Hz GPS data-logger and real-time graphic overlay. This combination allows users to carry out detailed driver training and vehicle analysis without the expense and specialised knowledge involved in professional level data-loggers.

Based on the high end Video VBOX, Video VBOX Lite is a more affordable version of what Video VBOX users have called the ultimate track video system. Housed in a rugged plastic box, with a smaller footprint than the VideoVBOX Pro, Video VBOX Lite shares many of the same features as the top of the range product.



There is also the option of including an OLED display. The perfect addition to any Video VBOX setup allowing you to view lap times as you drive.

The bright ‘organic LED display’ is sunlight readable, and all of the displayed units are configurable.

Full features include:

  • Conventional lap times
  • Predictive lap times
  • Split times
  • Speed
  • Video VBOX scene selection

  • Predictive lap timing - based on GPS position rather than distance - allows for instant, constant timing feedback during the lap.

    The OLED has an internal accelerometer that flips the screen in accordance with the way it is mounted, and the screen colours can be inverted or display the font as a high contrast outline to match lighting conditions.

    OLED Options

    The OLED Display is available in either

    standard: Black plastic case with an aluminium billet faceplate which is splashproof to IP64 rating,


    Waterproof: in a blue aluminium billet case and faceplate.

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